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High Society Review

7 Wonders Review

All-Pro Hockey and Powerplay Review

Evil Baby Orphanage Review

Deleted Intros

A few deleted intros from Season 1 of The Gamer’s Atlas.

Deleted “Formula De” Intro:

Deleted “Buccaneers Revenge” Intro:

The Gamer’s Atlas: Chrononauts Review (Season 2 Finale)

Sorry I didn’t post this sooner! Here is the season 2 finale of The Gamers Atlas, in which the origins of The Cartographer are revealed!

The Gamer’s Atlas: Revolution Review

You say you want a revolution? Well, you’re going to have to grease a few palms first…

The Gamer’s Atlas: Gettysburg Review

The most pivotal battle in the American Civil War is now a complex war game.

The Gamer’s Atlas: Brawl Review

Alright. I’ve decided to not post a double feature. This gives me time to work on the season finale. Anyway, enjoy Brawl!

The Gamer’s Atlas: Guillotine Review

Heads will roll as you and your fellow executioners behead all the rich folk you can get your hands on. They are the 1%, after all…

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