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Return of The Jedi: Battle at Sarlacc’s Pit Review

Deleted Intros

A few deleted intros from Season 1 of The Gamer’s Atlas.

Deleted “Formula De” Intro:

Deleted “Buccaneers Revenge” Intro:

The Gamer’s Atlas: Brawl Review

Alright. I’ve decided to not post a double feature. This gives me time to work on the season finale. Anyway, enjoy Brawl!

The Gamer’s Atlas: Guillotine Review

Heads will roll as you and your fellow executioners behead all the rich folk you can get your hands on. They are the 1%, after all…

The Gamer’s Atlas: Carcassonne Review

Build a new landscape from scratch in this award-winning tile game.

The Gamer’s Atlas: Unexploded Cow Review

Kill two Mad Cows with one bomb, and get paid for it in Unexploded Cow!

The Gamer’s Atlas: Bang Review

Everyone is out to get each other in this western shootout game of concealed identity.

The Gamer’s Atlas: Snit’s Revenge Review

Ever wanted to kill the thing you don’t like by running inside it and kicking it’s organs until they stop functioning?

Well, now you can!

The Oldest Board Game in the World

Board games have been around for centuries. They even predate literacy. Once human beings were able to communicate beyond the basics of conveying elementary needs and movement, board games were developed.

The oldest board game in existence is Senet, a racing game played by Egyptian pharaohs and commoners as early as 3100 BC.  It is a racing game, played with colored sticks as dice.

This game was featured on LOST in the episode “Across the Sea”.

You can play an online version of Senet here.

The Gamer’s Atlas: Snit Smashing Review

Get your reproductive juices going with Snit Smashing!

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