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The Gamer’s Atlas: Guillotine Review

Heads will roll as you and your fellow executioners behead all the rich folk you can get your hands on. They are the 1%, after all…

The Gamer’s Atlas: Carcassonne Review

Build a new landscape from scratch in this award-winning tile game.

The Gamer’s Atlas: Bang Review

Everyone is out to get each other in this western shootout game of concealed identity.

The Gamer’s Atlas: Snit’s Revenge Review

Ever wanted to kill the thing you don’t like by running inside it and kicking it’s organs until they stop functioning?

Well, now you can!

The Gamer’s Atlas: Snit Smashing Review

Get your reproductive juices going with Snit Smashing!

The Gamer’s Atlas: Whack A Catgirl Review

After much meticulous editing, the season 1 finale of The Gamer’s Atlas is finally up!

Originally done over the course of 24, hours, I touched this thing up to make it the best I could with what I had shot.  Enjoy it, my fellow otaku!


Welcome, and What I did Over the Summer

Hello, everyone.  This is the official website of The Gamer’s Atlas.  I will be posting here from time to time letting you know what I’ve been up to.

This summer has been a productive one.  I purchased a Canon 60D, and built a jib and track dolly out of wood and PVC, following the plans on Indy Mogul.


Track Dolly:

After my building was complete, I gathered some friends and we shot all the opening sketches for the second season of The Gamer’s Atlas.  Now, I must edit them and record the review portions of the videos.  Expect a weekly show once I get the ball rolling.

Until then, enjoy season 1 and game on.

Season 1:

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