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High Society Review

7 Wonders Review

All-Pro Hockey and Powerplay Review

Evil Baby Orphanage Review

Return of The Jedi: Battle at Sarlacc’s Pit Review

Youmacon 2012 Panel

My panel for Youmacon 2012 got approved! I don’t know when it will be yet, but I will post here as soon as I find out!

The Cartographer Sucks at SoulCalibur V

The Cartographer built himself in SoulCalibur V, but he’s clearly got some training to do.

Promo for Season 3

Deleted Intros

A few deleted intros from Season 1 of The Gamer’s Atlas.

Deleted “Formula De” Intro:

Deleted “Buccaneers Revenge” Intro:

I’VE BEEN ROBBED! (April Fools video)

Somebody made off with all my stuff. What am I going to do now?

APRIL FOOLS! Season 3 coming soon.

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